Life isn't fair sometimes. People will never cease to say things to make other people feel awful and humiliate them. I have reached the point in my life where I have no tolerance for hateful people. I have seen too many beautiful and good people die to know that life is fleeting. These are lessons that you learn as you grow up. I have lived in the Frisco/McKinney area for over 8 years now, and in that time I have read story after story about young teenagers taking their own lives because of bullying that they have been dealt at school.

AT SCHOOL! You know the place where we send our kids to learn? Yeah that place. It has become a place of difficult transition from young adult to adult hood now for kids everywhere and it makes no sense. It takes a second to be kind and smile at someone to make their day better...but haters don't know that.  They only know how to belittle a person, laugh at them, gather around them, take the video, post it, and make that person feel shitty about themselves at any given opportunity.  For what? Follows? Likes? Plusses? It's times like this that social media sucks....and SUCKS hard.

This beautiful thing called the internet and social media should be used to spread positive vibes and lift one another up and to a better place. That's how a society succeeds, not by trying to be a badass and thinking it's ok to treat people like shit and then hoping that no one notices you being a jerk.

I must apologize. To my readers and followers for sounding so negative in my quest for justice, but this latest incident of teen suicide has just pushed me over the freaking edge and I'm not sure what to do with the angry words in my head...so my blog will take the brunt.

Raymond Howell was a beautiful 14 year old kid that I never knew that as of a few days ago, everybody knows. 1st page of Google Search when you type his name...

Raymond Howell was found laying in a ditch with a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Raymond Howell was a freshman student at McKinney Boyd...that's 9th grade y'all.

Raymond Howell had a mother and a father, and a sibling.  Amber Howell...

She has a special request for the assholes that thought it would be awesome to earn some followers...

Posted on Facebook by Amber HowellR.I.P. sweet baby brother. No one can hurt you anymore, I love you so much. I want to say something to those kids who jumped him, for trying to do the right thing. To those despicable cruel teenagers who posted it all over social media, who made fun of him in class and online. I want you to realize the weight of your actions, I hope you understand that with every cruel word from his so called friends, you helped end my baby brothers life. The boy who would have stood up for you without a second thought, because he cared. I hope that sits with you forever. And to the parents of these children, in these videos, in those classes, I ask only one thing; remove those videos. You can't reverse the damage done but you can at least honor my brothers memory.
Mobile Uploads · Yesterday at 9:43am · 

I think it's time to stop treating people like post material and start treating them like the actual people that they are.

Kids...it's time to stop being assholes.

Kids...it's time to START defending those that don't defend themselves, if you don't that makes YOU an asshole too.

Kids...when you see someone being treated < do your best to make sure that they feel like they are not alone.

I'm sure that in his last moments, Raymond Howell felt like he had no other choice. He had already been humiliated online, people at school treated him like crap, and he felt trapped. At 14, everything feels like it is urgent and at 14 your world revolves around your friends.

My heart aches for his family left behind.

Time to change people....for the better. 



PROBABLY NOT...but mark my words...KARMA has a way of finding it's way back to people for the wrong that they've done to others....and you guys are in line for a MASSIVE dose someday.

One day you'll all have kids of your own, and one day they might come home and say that they want to change schools too...on that day I want you to all remember Raymond Howell, his parents, his sister, and wonder how you could have been such an asshole.

Because you are.

Take down those social media posts that pushed this kid to his end.  It's over now and it's the decent thing to do.

You DO know what decent is don't you assholes?

No? Google it.

For those of you that are feeling trapped and bullied like Raymond was, please don't. Tell someone and know that school is just school and there is SO much life ahead of that. Once it's behind you it's behind you and a whole world of opportunity awaits.  You'll grow up and find that there are other people just as awesome as you are who will not hurt or belittle you or make you feel shitty about being the person you want to be. Those people will support you, and high five you, and be the people you call at 2am when you want to hang out and eat a pizza. True friends, don't treat you like you're nothing...and they don't post videos of other people humiliating you just to feel important.


 images were borrowed from Google Search and Amber Howells facebook 


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