Saniderm and Tattoos: Magic Saran Wrap?

Friday February 10 I went and had the first part of my full sleeve tattoo done. It's currently a half sleeve Koi and 2 lotus. After the artist was done I was given the option to let it heal on it's own in the traditional way which I'll call air dry and itchy or use a product called Saniderm to cover it. Saniderm is a product that looks a little like sticky Saran wrap that seals the tattoo and protects it from the elements while it heals under the breathable wrap. I thought I'd document my progress using this product to see if it lives up to the hype.

Day 1: (Saniderm is applied)
My experience getting the Saniderm applied to my aching arm was not that difficult. I mean I literally just had a guy grinding needles into my skin for 4 hours so a little tape wasn't going to be that big of a deal. My guy washed my tattoo and dried it off with a paper towel. Then he removed the backing to one of the strips he had pre cut and draped it over my dried arm. My guy told me that …

2017 review (finally)

Where do I begin.

2017 was a year of personal achievements, goals met, and of flawless execution. Ok maybe some of it was a little flawed, but I tried. It felt like a miracle unfolding right in front of me. Everyday it seemed as if I were learning something new to take me to another level of understanding in my world. Up to this point my world had consisted of constant worry and self doubt on whether or not I was ever going to be able to achieve my goal of graduating from college. I had people around me telling me, you don't need college, you are already doing what people go to college to learn how to do. I started my own business and it was doing well and I always had work to do and people to help.

I was doing ok except for the fact that I had a promise to fulfill and that nagged at me. A long time ago a 10 year old me had a conversation with my Mother, who confided in me that she didn't finish school because she didn't think girls were allowed to go beyond a certain poin…

I Believe in Love : Wonderwoman Movie Review

*spoilers abound* 
So, once upon a time there was a little girl. She was different from the other little girls because she liked to hang out with boys, wear jeans instead of dresses, and play football in the street. She and her cousins would also play superhero games and each one would select their favorite superhero. There was the Hulk, Batman, and Superman, even Aquaman made an appearance one Summer night when the neighbors kid came over to play. The little girl was always Wonderwoman. Never Supergirl, or Batgirl...always Wonderwoman. The little girl read comic books, and dreamed about becoming Wonderwoman when she grew up. She was Wonderwoman for halloween. She spent nights thinking of ways to be better, faster, stronger, and smarter than all the boys in the world. Well...she tried to, as any little girl could. She watched Linda Carter portray her hero on Television as she grew up and swore that there could never be another that would ever take her place. Wonderwoman, was truly he…

Life is hard.

Today I watched as a young couple sat stoic and on and off in tears at the funeral of their 20 month old little girl.

The viewing was hard.

As a mother myself it tore me up and I cannot imagine how that young lady must have felt. Probably so beyond pain and deep into that place where nothing hurts anymore. The numb spot.
It made me think a lot about life, and how it can be as cruel as it is kind. I sat through slide after slide of this beautiful little tiny person whom everyone in her life had just started to get to know. She was just at the point of developing her own personality and sharing smiles and laughter with everyone around her. I wept along with her friends and family.

It made me think about what's going on in the world right now and about how heavy life seems to be at the moment.

Life is hard.

We go through this progression of life hoping for...for what exactly? Riches? A nice pretty car and a house to keep it in?

Life is hard.

We fight with one another...why?  Because…


What is a Genius?
Is it someone who can name all 50 states at age 3? A 60 year old scientist that discovers a cure for some disease? An artist that can paint a masterpiece even though he can't see color? A musician, who creates and then shares his musical prowess with the world? The answer to all of these scenarios is yes. Yes is is. 

Musical genius Prince, died yesterday in his home outside of Minneapolis. Many will remember him as the Purple Rain guy...many others will remember him as a friend, a son, a lover. I think that what he let us, the public, see of him was his legacy. It was what he wanted all of us to remember him by and what a legacy he leaves! 

Countless songs, performed to huge success by countless artists all written by him, movies, performances, legendary song lyrics like "The kind you find in a second hand store...", or "I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain." He was a genius. A lyrical genius. 

Why did people around the world react s…

April 21st Google's New Website Optimization Update

The current word on the social media circuit has the potential to effect anyone that has a website on the internet. Google is set to release an update on April 21st that will effect how the search engines view and pick up on your website if it isn't optimized for mobile devices. 
What does that mean? 
Well since almost 80% of websites that are currently on the internet get all jumbly, cannot function on a mobile device properly, and just aren't adjusted well enough to handle such devices they will see falls in their search page rank. That's a lot of people that could potentially be affected by this update.  
Why are they doing this? 
They have noticed that more people are conducting searches for websites from their mobile devices vs. a standard computer browser.  People visit the pages only to find that they are not optimized for the device that they are being viewed on.  This looks bad for business not only for the business with the janky webpage, but also for Google which ha…


Life isn't fair sometimes. People will never cease to say things to make other people feel awful and humiliate them. I have reached the point in my life where I have no tolerance for hateful people. I have seen too many beautiful and good people die to know that life is fleeting. These are lessons that you learn as you grow up. I have lived in the Frisco/McKinney area for over 8 years now, and in that time I have read story after story about young teenagers taking their own lives because of bullying that they have been dealt at school.

AT SCHOOL! You know the place where we send our kids to learn? Yeah that place. It has become a place of difficult transition from young adult to adult hood now for kids everywhere and it makes no sense. It takes a second to be kind and smile at someone to make their day better...but haters don't know that.  They only know how to belittle a person, laugh at them, gather around them, take the video, post it, and make that person feel shitty abou…