Life is hard.

Today I watched as a young couple sat stoic and on and off in tears at the funeral of their 20 month old little girl.

The viewing was hard.

As a mother myself it tore me up and I cannot imagine how that young lady must have felt. Probably so beyond pain and deep into that place where nothing hurts anymore. The numb spot.
It made me think a lot about life, and how it can be as cruel as it is kind. I sat through slide after slide of this beautiful little tiny person whom everyone in her life had just started to get to know. She was just at the point of developing her own personality and sharing smiles and laughter with everyone around her. I wept along with her friends and family.

It made me think about what's going on in the world right now and about how heavy life seems to be at the moment.

Life is hard.

We go through this progression of life hoping for...for what exactly? Riches? A nice pretty car and a house to keep it in?

Life is hard.

We fight with one another...why?  Because hundreds of years ago some old men decided to DIVIDE themselves into political parties? Different times, different rules.

Life is hard.

We argue over who can use a bathroom, not thinking that if we just create singular bathrooms with a lock on the door that anyone can indeed...use the bathroom.

Life is hard.

We bicker about having the opportunity to hold a gun out in public...why? Are we that afraid to physically defend ourselves these days? Why do you feel so threatened?

Life is hard.

We complain when a child excels in the classroom because she is an undocumented immigrant...why? Our children all have the same chance to excel, many just choose not to because they know mom and dad will be there to blame the teachers and educational system. Why don't they want to excel?

Life is hard.

We think it's funny to see people all over the internet beating up one another, or being cruel to people and animals. Those videos go viral...why? Are we really that sick? Just who are the animals really?

Life is hard.

We say that we are Christians or religious, and then treat others that are NOT as if they are all lepers and prostitutes...Why?  How is this living your life through Christ...or your God?

Life is hard.

We blame everything wrong with one another on Government officials....why?  The President of the United states (whoever they are) doesn't force the hand that kills someone or makes us hate others.

Those are personal decisions.

We have a choice.

Life is hard, but it doesn't have to be.

While we argue over this awful and really stupid stuff... a couple is thinking about how their lives will be without that little ray of sunshine in their lives.

I call that perspective.

Life is hard...but LOVE isn't.

Live well people. Be kind.


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