What is a Genius?

Is it someone who can name all 50 states at age 3? A 60 year old scientist that discovers a cure for some disease? An artist that can paint a masterpiece even though he can't see color? A musician, who creates and then shares his musical prowess with the world? The answer to all of these scenarios is yes. Yes is is. 

Musical genius Prince, died yesterday in his home outside of Minneapolis. Many will remember him as the Purple Rain guy...many others will remember him as a friend, a son, a lover. I think that what he let us, the public, see of him was his legacy. It was what he wanted all of us to remember him by and what a legacy he leaves! 

Countless songs, performed to huge success by countless artists all written by him, movies, performances, legendary song lyrics like "The kind you find in a second hand store...", or "I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain." He was a genius. A lyrical genius. 

Why did people around the world react so quickly to the news of his passing? Why did it feel as if a member of our own families had passed? We related. To his story, to his music and to everything he shared with us.

Prince was a storyteller.

From the Video When Doves Cry

He viewed his world and created magnificent ways to tell us all about it through his lyrics. We learned about the people and places in his mind. He took us all on a journey with every song. Many had heroes... the young clerk at the grocery store watching a beautiful girl come through the door, or a man that falls in love with a girl that ultimately leaves him, to living just a little bit dangerously driving that fast  little red "car" (that's a metaphor too kids, google it).

Prince and the Revolution

We all related to those songs. He told the stories of our lives as we were living them. We played his music on our boom boxes, in our walkmans (google it kids), and sang them whenever they came on the radio. Many of us still do. The iconic sound, and large presence of this minute man reverberated through us and the songs he left us allow us the opportunity to return to a time when music ruled the airwaves.

Prince was different. 

He knew early on that he was something special and he wanted to let the world know it. From is outlandish dress, to his gender bending makeup, he knew he was different and reveled in it. It made us stand up and notice. During a time where long haired metal bands were in season, Prince made a statement that it was ok to be who you are, screw everyone else. Throughout all of his various phases and name changes, remember the time he changed his name to a symbol, one thing always remained the same. His music. The genius that is Prince's musical talent transcended any outfit or tabloid fodder. 

Prince was an amazing musician.

Prince appearance on the Muppet Show 2015 (Disney)

This is what it all boils down to really, the fact that this person could come up with any music anywhere at any time! A true storyteller has this ability to draw inspiration from anything and put it in a form that captures people's imaginations. It begs for our attention and creates day dreamers out of us all. For 2-3 minutes we are transported into their world and seeing things through their own eyes and hearts. Musicians can heal, they can steal, and can always create memories. 

Prince is a genius. 

He was aware that what he was doing here on Earth was a special thing. He knew that the songs he wrote and the music he brought to so many would live on long after he was gone. He loved us all so much that he saved a little for us and future generations to adore. Somewhere in his Paisley Palace there lies a vault. In this vault are countless music compilations, songs, and videos that Prince made. Songs that were never released or didn't get to see the light of day because the timing wasn't quite right for the perfectionist that is Prince. Instead of tossing them out with the garbage as many artists are known to do, he saved them for later release. 


So genius comes in many different forms. We now have to live in a world that has been left a little less beautiful and a little less full of the genius that exists here. Let's hope that in the coming years we see new genius arriving in the world. People that emulate Prince, and others with no fear. We need a little more genius in this world and a lot less pain. So rise up kids, let your genius show. As for Prince, wherever he may be in death (the afterlife), I'm sure there is an amazing sound coming from the place that musical genius' go. So please say hello to Michael, David, and Glen for me would ya?


- Prince, Let's Go Crazy Lyrics



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