Success: A Lesson in Failure

Get off of the same old path, and make things happen
There is an old adage that states if at first you don't succeed try and try again. In this authors opinion, it should read if at first you don't succeed, fail and fail again. This might sound a little strange at first but hear me out. If every road that we traveled on were only one way and every time we took that road it led us to the very same place every time we walked upon it we as a society would have a bunch of well worn roads but we would never get to see or experience anything else. I think that the same thing applies to people that want to succeed in whatever it is that they choose to embark upon. 
Let's think about this for a bit.  If every person was successful the first time that they tried anything so much of how we live today would not exist. This pretty mac that I am typing this on, non-existent. The light that I read by at night, non-existent. Think about the empires that people like Walt Disney, and Oprah Winfrey have created.  Think about how everyone all around the world knows who they are. That is a mammoth accomplishment for a little black girl from the South that people said wasn't fit for TV and a guy who no one believed had any creativity. Everything around us was created in part by someone who failed at some point in their creative process. Those two are no different than you or I.
What makes these people different than anyone else?  Money!? No not money, sure some ventures take a lot of capital to get going but that's not why they are successful. Remember, they started with nothing but a dream. So what made them different? The clothes they wore? The people they talked to? NO and NO. The things that made these people successful couldn't come from anyone else but them. These two people had to fail before they could succeed.
By paying attention to those past those failures people begin to notice things about the way that they have been trying to accomplish their goals. They begin to see different approaches to things, and how to tweak their own. They notice people in positions of power and pay attention to the way that they do the things they do. The emulate successful people. They ask questions, they move forward never back. They try again, they fail again and begin this process all over again. In doing this an amazing thing begins to happen to their personal growth. They start to see that they may have failed at the start of it all, but along the way they have learned something. The knowledge that they get propels them forward. They think positive and strive for greatness all the time.
You and I, we're going to fail. We're going to fail HARD and make mistakes and this is a very good thing. I would rather fail and learn amazing things about my journey and process than get everything right on the first try. So when you find that the things you are trying aren't quite getting you where you want to be. Let that idea fail, learn from the experience, and move your way forward to a more and more successful one. Failing, puts you in good company. So don't be afraid. You can do whatever it is you have set out to. Be tenacious. Get off that path. 
The takeaways here?
•Try new things
•Get out of your comfort zone
•It's ok to fail
•Learn something new from each failure
•Work hard
•Never Ever Give Up

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